Ride Info

Where do we meet?

We’re keeping our 2020 staging area to ourselves for now, but we’ve gained written permission for it so stay tuned closer to the time. Hint, it’s somewhere in Sydney CBD:

When should I get there?

Meet at 2pm at the staging area. You can optionally get body painted (bring some paint and a brush!), and you need to be there 15 mins before the ride for our pre-ride briefing. Ride kicks off at 3pm.

How do I get there?


  • TBC once staging area announced.

Public transport:

  • TBC once staging area announced.

What should I bring?

  • Your bike.
  • Your helmet.
  • Some water. Attach to your bike in a bottle holder – you might get thirsty if it’s hot! (But there are public taps and toilets at our photo stop location halfway.)
  • Some clothes. Come to the ride clothed. Well, you decide, but we think that’s a good idea. 🙂
  • A bike light. As well as helping the spectacle during the ride, if the weather turns rainy on the day, you’re required by law to have a light turned on fixed to your bicycle.
  • Stuff to make noise. Whistles, horns, bells, make a noise and let those cars know who they need to respect!

Can I leave my stuff at the staging area during the ride?

Maybe – TBC! Please bring all your stuff with you in a bike basket, on your back, or some other fun creative way. (Note: body paint on your back doesn’t mix with a backpack!) If it helps, hire a Mobike or Lime Bike, which have baskets.

Photo policy

In the spirit of BODY POSITIVITY, one of the points of our demonstration is to specifically educate our young people as to what the human body actually looks like – in all its varied shapes and sizes! However, we understand that some people may want to take photographs and videos of our participants for all the wrong reasons. The nature of WNBR is that it will be a public spectacle, and members of the public will naturally pick up their phones and start taking photos and videos which they have the right to.

We cannot be in the position to impose conditions or restrictions on public photography during the ride, and in general we suggest you use disguises as mentioned on our FAQ page if you are concerned.

That being said, we have the following policies in place:

  • Official crew and photographers: We will have official designated photographers who along with our crew will wear clearly identifiable lanyards with our WNBR Sydney logo. These will be courteous and professional people who you can request photos featuring you in a way that you control.
  • Media coverage: We welcome and support positive coverage from the press. For images prominently featuring or focusing in on individuals, you must gain such individual’s explicit consent.
  • Commercial photography: It is illegal to photograph people for commercial use unless you have a model release form signed by them. We will assist ride participants in having unauthorised commercial photography taken down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Staging area: During the ride and where we are taking action on our bikes, it is a very public area where we fully welcome photos to be taken. But at the staging area before and after the ride (where you may be dressing or undressing and not on a bike), we want it to be more of a safe space. If an unofficial photographer is photographing you in the staging area without your consent, please grab one of our crew members and we will help you deal with it.

Health & safety

The WNBR Sydney team liaises with the police and other authorities to help run the ride smoothly, and our most important priority is for the immediate safety of the group safe during the ride as well as those around us on the road. However, you need to take care of your own health and safety, and be responsible for your own behaviour, so here are some guidelines to think about:

  • Bicycles are to be ridden in a manner appropriate for use on the road.
  • Bicycles should be road legal and in a safe condition.
  • Follow directions of WNBR Sydney ride marshals (to stop and go, or to stop and start using a lane as a group).
  • If you are bringing a child, the parent or guardian should accompany the child at all times and vehicles should have proper safe seating attached.

NSW Road Rules to remember:

  • Wear a helmet. Because of the spirit of our demonstration, we ask you to honour this NSW law!
  • Ride maximum two bikes per lane. More than two isn’t allowed, unless overtaking other bikes.

Rules & Principles:

  • Alcohol-free zone. We want WNBR to be as safe as possible. Please leave your booze at home.
  • Leave no trace. As we’re promoting environmental awareness, let’s leave a good example by not leaving anything behind us at the staging area on the day.
  • It’s not a race! WNBR is for raising awareness for three causes, so slow down and focus on the safety of yourself and fellow riders as you travel in the group.


Our ride will not be cancelled in the event of rain, but it might be shortened. If so, follow the marshals’ instructions. If wet weather, bring warm dry clothes to change into after the ride and keep them dry. Make sure to have something waterproof to put your valuables in.


There are public toilets very close-by at both our staging area for before and after the ride, and also at our main half-way group photo stopping point during the ride.

Bike hire:

There are an increasing amount of bike hire options for the centre of Sydney. Try Lime and Mobike. For public hygiene, please cover your hire bike’s seat if you are riding with a bare bottom! Note: it can take a while to find a hire bike that actually has a helmet attached to it. Leave time in the morning to find a bike in order to ride legally with a helmet. It’s a bit of an issue at the moment.