An event that has been making waves around the world, from London to San Francisco to Melbourne, is now coming to Sydney!

We are putting together a highly organised event, WNBR Sydney, a ride in which clothes are completely optional, and a peaceful charity event that will raise important social awareness of issues that are near and dear to the World Naked Bike Ride movement:

  • Body positivity
  • Mental health, depression and anxiety
  • Bike awareness and road safety
  • The environment and oil dependency

We want to tell Sydney an important message: Depression matters. Anxiety matters. Body image and mental illness because of our highly-sexualised and media-driven society MATTERS, and it is time we ended our global dependency on oil to create a cleaner, healthier, and safer future for our children and it starts with our roads!

JOIN US in helping to make this event possible, by sending an email to moc.y1532236061endys1532236061rbnw@1532236061ofni1532236061, subscribing to our mailing list, joining our Facebook group, or donating to our costs in getting the event off the ground.