WNBR is a movement taking the globe by storm. With huge rides in the centre of London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Melbourne, it’s now finally coming to Sydney!

Our event is for the purpose of raising awareness for three main causes near and dear to our hearts:


In today’s highly sexualised environment of entertainment and news media, negative body image is becoming a mental health issue among our youth. Our event literally shows to everyone that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and that they’re nothing to be ashamed of.


Biking is a fundamental human right. Many of us have friends who have been injured or even killed by negligent drivers on the road. By stripping off and riding through the streets, we send the message loud and clear: “Can you see me NOW?”


What better way to reduce your footprint than to introduce cycling into your life! This emission-free mode of transport is something YOU can do to not only improve your health, but to protect our earth’s natural resources. Why not start cycling to work today?

Our highly organised event is for the public benefit. Because our event uses mass nudity to raise awareness about a cause, our event is neither obscene nor offensive.

JOIN US in helping to make this event possible, by sending an email to moc.y1537634369endys1537634369rbnw@1537634369ofni1537634369, subscribing to our mailing list, joining our Facebook group, or donating to our costs in getting the event off the ground.